09 February 2012


First post for year twenty-twelve. Feels awkward to be writing here again after so long. Nevertheless, the bf and I have decided to create a new blog penning down our experiences in life. The name is left undecided for now but surely, we'll work out on it together. Speaking of togetherness, I'm looking forward to the day the bf and I will put the long distance relationship to an end.

So many things to consider lately yet I still need to face people whom some may categorize it as the nasty, the bastard and the jerk. Pardon for those words. I've got so sick of them my body eventually builds a filter system, filtering what-so-ever comments they say. At the same time, I'm thankful for having a bunch of lovely cellies whom I enjoy talking with and having the companionship of one another.

There's no such thing as the best people in life. But I do believe in the midst of all those unpleasant people, there are still some you'll get along very well with.


05 December 2011

Christmas Through The Eyes of Joseph

25 December marks the day Christ was born. It is He who came to save us from all sins. It is He who died for us on the cross. It is He who was crucified, dead and buried and rose on the third day. Throughout the years, Christmas has become more like a festival to celebrate among all. To the kids, Christmas means a time of getting more toys. To the adults, Christmas means a time of feasting and exchanging gifts. But who exactly knows the meaning of Christmas?

Here's a short video of what Christmas is all about through the eyes of Joseph... and facebook.

03 December 2011

Bits and Pieces

I've been actively hopping from blogs to blogs yet chose to neglect this little corner of mine. It used to be quite a private blog where only a few know its existence. Just like how the curiosity grows in a cat, people start googling for your name and voila, leads them to here! With all the silent readers around me, it's hard for me to gauge whether they're reading my blog. I start to refrain myself from writing certain inner thoughts as I do not want people to use that against me. Not all are open to different opinions, and people seem to be quite subjected to their own.

Just a few updates about what has been going on in my life. I'm starting to cultivate a habit of online shopping! It's hassle free and best of all, it's cheap! Dirt cheap. Where else in Singapore can you find a decent dress at the cost of less than 35 bucks with good materials? It's not too hard to buy dresses online for my figure but I can be very particular about the details of the dresses when they're making me to pay more for its shipping. I am rather reserved, especially when I'm dealing with financial issues.

I'm running out of time to write more. I wish I could but my little bff is coming over soon! She's a 4-year-old kid who happens to like me too. How cute... :)


18 August 2011

Beauty On Its Way

I've just purchased some cosmetics at a reliable online shop. Before I make any further comments, let's just wait patiently for my products to arrive! It's expected to arrive within 2-4 days. I just LOVE Singapore (only because it has a wide range of cosmetics).

As the saying goes, there's no ugly woman. Just lazy woman. If you're wondering which brand of cosmetics I'm referring to, here's a sneak peek.


16 August 2011

AJinoMori @ Holland Village

It's not an invited food tasting event but I was there for a colleague's farewell dinner. Thanks to BigDeal.Sg for the superb discount given. It's at 10-course set meal for 2 pax at only SGD29.80 nett! So. Worth. It!

Sorry for this late food review but due to some contract agreements, I'm not allow to post this until the review is up in the mag. Yeap. Now that it's in the mag, I'll just write a different, shorter, cut-off version of the review.

The drink was introduced by one of the waiters. I can't exactly remember the name of that drink but there's dried orange skin in it, I think. Quite refreshing but I can actually make this drink on my own by buying the syrup at any NTUC. Don't quite worth the money but it tastes good.

This is a complimentary item given by the branch manager. They actually provide really good service by making sure all of us are enjoying our time there. But on that day itself, the service for us was exceptionally good. That's only because the waiter accidentally made a terrible mistake but I know it was not on purpose. So, we're good.

Scallop with spicy cream sauce. Just by looking at it is enough to make me salivate! I love this! The sauce, the cheese, the cream and the scallop all blend in really well. This is THE must-have item to order if you're dining there. Trust me and you won't go wrong.

Beef short rib and mushroom in sticks. The texture of the mushrooms were grilled to perfection and the beef was really tender and juicy. I will like it more with some sauce to dip in. Perhaps some sweet and sour pepper sauce?

Rice. Normal plain rice. Nothing much to boost about except for the thoughtfulness of the chef for adding some colors to the plain white rice.

Chicken wing dumpling and pork belly with honey. I love love love L-O-V-E this dish. First and foremost, it's a deep fried chicken wing. Next, it's pork. Those are my favourites but I wouldn't purposely go back there just to savour this dish. I have to agree the pork belly was exquisitely good! I couldn't really taste what's stuffed in the wings. Seems like garlic but doesn't taste so.

A complimentary dish by the restaurant. Didn't get to try as it doesn't look appetizing to me. My eyes were already bedazzled by the wings and the meats.

Breaded pork with cheese. This wasn't a good combination. I ate just a few as it can be very jelak.

Prawn, avocado and cheese orange gratin. I guess I didn't know how to appreciate dishes like this. It tastes very weird. Cheese and orange and prawn and avocado. Who can think of such combination?

Sushi platter. So much food yet so little space in my tummy. There's nothing to rave about. It's normal and I can easily get much better sushi at other Japanese restaurants.

Overall, the environment is quite good. An ideal place to go if you want to dine at a quiet place. I might be visiting AJinoMori again for future food tasting event but to pay SGD30 (usual price) for a meal like this, I don't think so.


15 August 2011

Silence Is The Key

I have learnt that keeping myself in silence helps to prevent many unnecessary things from happening. Even when you're being asked for your opinion, always give statements that are in line with the person's so-called "stand". Or else, it could jeopardize any possible good chances. Once you're able to tackle the whole situation, you'll eventually know when is the right timing for the REAL opinions. Explaining the details will just be an act of giving excuses. Hence, silence is the key.

It's been quite some time. MIA, I know. The interest in writing is deteriorating and I doubt the blog will be able to survive till I'm 80! Side note, I doubt if I'm able to live that long. Just a quick update. I've got a white blue-eyed Persian kitten from the bf as my birthday gift! This is like the BEST gift ever! I've never really expected this to be happening so soon. Ahh... I'll introduce him to all of you soon.


06 June 2011


Last Sunday was my very first time serving at DL, TCC. (DL stands for Discovery Land, in other words, Sunday school) The overall experience - MAD! The DL teachers played the eagle-and-chicken game with the kids and I was being appointed to be the eagle! Imagine someone like me had to chase after the kids and they were all so violent, I think I might be dead before I even manage to catch one chick. That actually increased my dislike for kids. Naughty kids, not the well behaved ones.

To have served at DL for 2.5 hours was quite tiring because of the "morning exercise" I had with the kids. I was contemplating whether to join the second Sunday service because I didn't get to listen to any sermon. Thank God for the heavy rain, it indirectly convinced me to stay back and go for the second Sunday service!

Since we're going to enter the third quarter of the month, we're given a small booklet on the classes available for the next quarter during the service. Flipping through the booklet, I realized there's so many classes I'm thinking of going!

  1. Missions Training
    • Jul 3 & 10
    • Miss. I won't be around on Jul 10! Arrgghhh!!!!
  2. Exploring Ruth
    • Jul 16 & 23
    • KIV. I seriously hope there's cellies joining me in this class or else my concentration level will drop to zero after 30 minutes!
  3. Carecell Leaders' Training (CCLT)
    • Jul 24, 31, Aug 7, 14, 21 & 28
    • Hit. It's a must for me to go! I'm scared of being a leader because I seriously don't know how am I going to be used by God. Seriously, I don't even see any church leader qualities in me!! By the way, tell me who has it? No one. God uses the weak to make them strong. I am the weak and hence, God will use me to build strong armies for His kingdom. Oh yeah.. :)
  4. Mastering Worship Leading in Glorify
    • Aug 14 & 21
    • Miss. I love love love love love this class because participants will learn some practical tips to help them in their preparation of worship. And guitar skills will be polished up too. How can I miss this!!!! It's a pity the timing coincide with CCLT. Sigh
  5. What the Bible is All About
    • Aug 28 & Sep 4
    • Miss. One, timing coincide with CCLT. Two, I won't be around.
There's some other great classes but what caught my attention are those few classes mentioned above. It's kinda frustrating not to be able to attend classes that I want to, just because I won't be around. The battle in me, the conflicts with my inner self can't stop me from thinking something... bad. I feel like taking a break from it and be able to stop battling with myself and reasoning EVERYTHING through.

I can't really elaborate much on that for now. Sorry guys. This isn't the time for story telling. At least, not for now.